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Sachi was an eleven years old girl who believed everyone can do something to make others happy. As such, we are committed to the collective well-being and “happiness for all”. We are involved in cooperative projects that empower both the individual and community groups and by walking together on the path of service. Our idea is that through the totality of these service efforts, overtime these paths can merge into a major road and eventually into a highway, thus speeding up the flow of happiness within the cultural festival states supply chains. In Sachi Foundation, there are many cultural pathways to spread happiness. Some examples of our current activities include online discourse style campaigns, Ambassadors of Happiness program, youth and expectant mother educational and empowerment programs, festival participation and involving with research on happiness, well-being, global integration of supply chains and universal peace.

"Happiness is like a treasure map jigsaw puzzle with everyone having a piece to share " Sachi

Our Current Projects:



  • SACHI Children Playground Project: 


    We can help schools and community centres with their playground projects where



    children creative ideas become the main design elements. In addition, whenever


    possible our volunteers can also help with the building and other schoolyards projects.




  • Sachi Happy Heart Ruhi Institute                                       Project:


   The Coherent Garden Planet Initiative and Self-similar


    Virtue Gems 




  • SACHI Global Happiness Research Grant


      Providing funding and assistance for cultural research and happiness



  • Research into Global Integration Systems                                                                 


    where these lead to new or substantially improved knowledge into the integration of


    civilisation, cultural festival, and nation-states (but not political).



  • Providing space for cultural Discourse Planning, and Language Resources 


     The resources are centered around unity in diversity, the oneness of humanity and virtue    

     entanglement themes that help prepare communities for all-together social actions. Examples 

    include developing unity language lesson plans, resource directory, and kits, virtue artifacts,   

    technological and scientific articles and seminars that can be adapted to the festivals and

    cultural events requirements.



  • Children, Junior Youth, and expectant mother empowerment programs 


      Your Child Loves Prayers, Meditation and a Natural Pregnancy!


       A Joint Campaign of Sachi Foundation and Resource Center for Development Alternatives (RCDA) 


       project Coordinator- Amatul Wadood Nazli, 


  • Mikoshi, Yatai Tomorrow Together Project


      The Global March of Mikoshi and Yatai Self-similar Loads- our march intends to show that there


     exists a self-similar birth sequence of the civilization states stretching from Mount Fuji in Japan 


      to Mount Carmel in Israel from both the directions of the East and the West, all synchronizing 


      and united together in a new world civilization. Our march is also an opportunity to enjoy 


     together all the different places and cultures and experience the many adventures and 


     friendships all along the way.



  • Language and Cultural discourse based Learning Tuition Grant Support  


       We provide funding support to schools for ten hours of tuition services. Students in need


     of tutoring and young adults who are disengaged from learning can make application in the 


     Unity language Center, community school, or cares Community for assistance under the 

     Fund. Please contact Sachi Foundation for terms and conditions.

       Link to the "Wings of the Coo" Previous issues 1-6


   Link to our Culture of learning Discourse-based Flyers

  In the garden of thy heart plant

 naught but the rose of love


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