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Our Approach


In our approach, we  consider two general perspectives on happiness: a “subjective hybrid”  and a “one common objective” perspective. These two perspectives on happiness are interconnected and strategically related.


The "happiness for all" concept as a subjective hybrid choice can be visualized as a treasure map jigsaw puzzle in which everyone has a piece to contribute. We usually cover this aspect of happiness with our alliance projects, the do-it-yourself individual initiative projects as well as joining with the do-it-all-together community based initiative projects. 


We consider happiness as a common objective of the synchronization process between the “universe within” and the “universe without” along the main dynamic pathway of an ever-advancing civilization.  


The heart of our mission is to to find startegic ways of how we can achieve synchronicity of the cultural festival states as a dynamic output of civilization states and then evaluate such synchronicity to enable universal participation. That is why we have developed a number of “core activities” and a “cultural festival directory” to proceed with our task. Our core activity concept proposes a number of well planned and innovative activities that will advance our discourse of "one common happiness for all". The directory is related with those elements of the cultural festival states that can help us with the sustainability and systematization of the process. Our guide is the direction from the Universal House of Justice.

The Discourse Elements

Our “one common happiness” discourse has three levels with each level having its own set of elements.

At the surface level of our discourse, the virtues gems form the foundation of the cities of our hearts, the virtue gems which we use to build our spiritual lives, also provides the raw material elements and nutrition for the formation of a new society and culture. At the core level of our discourse, it is our never-ending quest to become an eternal festival by joining with the self–similarity festivals in order to share happiness on a limitless scale. Between the surface and the core levels of our discourse, lies the discourse that is subject to the pulling threshold of inverted soft-hard extremes of cultural ego and dualities. In this level lies the pivot. It enables the establishment of a dynamic coherence within such diverse pulls through built-momentum festivals and culture of learning states. Pivot is the essential element of “global cultural learning” that permit us to stay together on the path of happiness despite any changes in path`s conditions.

The Dimensional  Elements


The new order of global culture of learning has many dimensions with many points of similarity in its cluster channel network. Here is one such list that could make it easier to think about the concept of “one common Happiness for all”: Freedom in Universal Coherence, Unity in Dynamic Diversity, Democracy in Universal Courtesy, Oneness in Universal Participation, Togetherness in Universal Covenant, States in Universal Consultation, Happiness in Global Synchronicity, Faith in Universal Justice and Time Cycles in Prime Numbers!


The Directory Elements


The directory of the cultural festival states consist of the following elements: points of the similarity, the coherence, the dynamic coherence, the self-similar festivals, the build momentum festivals, the harvest, the pacemaker, the other "cultural activities" element and synchronization intervals. This list is not fully inclusive but we believe it covers most of the important foundational elements of the cultural festival states necessary to make it easier to spread happiness worldwide. The time element is factored in the synchronization interval element.


The Principle Elements


Sachi Foundation considers the following principles that govern our discourse and directory development for “one common happiness for all”.

  • Principle of  Ever-Advancing Civilization-

  • Principle of affirming the inherent nobility of human kind

  • Principle of solving problems through  consultation 

  • Principle of unified action in a spirit of service and loving kindness

  • Principle of one common happiness for all

  • Loyalty to the legitimate government and avoidance of partisan politics is vital and essential for our successful mission in order to open wide the circles of participation for spreading happiness worldwide.

A one happy festival

    planet is a more         sustainable citizen                planet.

"The pain of one is the pain of all, The joy of one is the joy of all"  `Alí-Muhammad Varqá

About Ruhi Institute


Ruhi Institute is a no-cost human development educational and training program masterfully knitted together by Baha'i  administration in Colombia to increase the social capital resources required for uninterrupted building of an ever-advancing civilization. For this reason, it is increasingly being used by more and more humanitarian groups and non-profits organizations around the world as an alternative to the current widespread but incoherent, divisive and inconsistent models of social change promoted by social construct school of thoughts.




We are happy to see you here, be able to take part in our activities and learn about what we do.

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