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Haruyuki Oda - Board Member - Chair of the Board

Yae Oda - Board member, Secretary

Misa Mojarrabi - Board Member, "Wings of the Coo" Editor ,

Online Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator

Chanthome Webster - Board member, Management Committee,

Volunteer Coordinator

Maxine Mojarrabi - Management Committee, Volunteer Coordinator

Yuki Kawakami - Tennen Saien Community Garden Coordinator,

Unity Language Center Coordinator

Bahram Mojarrabi - Management Committee, Treasurer, Grant Officer, Directory Service Information Officer-

Cares Community Coordinator, " Wings of the Coo" editor

Hidayatullah Neakakhtar - RCDA Coordinator

Amatul Nazli - Expectant Mother Project Coordinator

Nahid Khalili - Management Committee

Doreen Chin - Management Committee

Leon Mojarrabi - "Wings of the Coo" editor



           sachifoundation @



Address: Headquarter 





Postal and Business Contact Address 

                  5 Aurora Court,

                  Caboolture, QLD, 4510

Tel:             (61) 754005887

Tel:              (61) 7371 57829


Resource Center for development Alternative RCDA Email Contact:

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