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Cultural Festival Directory


Welcome to the first directory of the world cultural festival states. We dedicate this online directory to all children and junior youth who have died or die before the reaching the age of maturity because of illness, war, starvation, accidents, etc. This online directory is being published free of charge and we hope you find it a comprehensive source of assistance and useful information towards the process of the integration of the global cultural festival states and the spread of happiness.




While compiling this directory, obtaining accurate information on the number and the nature of the cultural activities, festivals and ceremonies of the world`s cultural festival states has proved to be difficult due to historical ambiguities and technical problems in our interpretive reasoning. Under these circumstances, we have tried to give the confidence intervals to our measures of accuracy whenever possible.


Updating Policy


This directory has been commissioned and published by Sachi Foundation as a contribution to the process of the integration of the global cultural festival states and the spread of Happiness. Our directory has a set of rules and concepts as follows. First and foremost, the database will be checked and updated regularly in accordance with the guidance from the Universal House of Justice as well as other international and national institutions, their laws and specifications.




Sachi Foundation retains all copyrights for this database and its material. While the online directory can be accessed, copied and printed for personal use free of charge, it cannot be quoted or published elsewhere without due acknowledgement of our organization.




Sachi Foundation is grateful to the organizations and individuals who have contributed their time and efforts to create this directory and we welcome all the suggestions and contributions that make this database more accurate. The directory data entries do not necessarily represent, all the details, or the view of such individuals or organizations included within the Sachi Foundation Board of the Directors and individual members or volunteers.


Directory Listings


The publication of this directory is a slow and gradual process that can take quite a while. 


Cultural festival states are the key in any successful strategy for sustainable development and spread of "one common happiness for all".

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