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How You can help?

The Sachi Foundation is not a charity. It is a "not for profit" foundation, a privately funded humanitarian and volunteer democratic co-operative organization dedicated to promoting the discourse of "one common Happiness for all". We are open to all persons able to support our vision and approach and is willing to accept responsibilities of volunteering with a public co-operative without gender, social, racial, religious, cultural, perceived level of civilization or any other forms of discrimination.

We do not accept public donations. We accept limited exergy donations from our volunteers as long as they have not solicited or collected donation from the public. The exergy gifts can be an offer of prayers, or an act of volunteer service, initiating a new approach to learning. We also accept donation of arts and crafts whenever is obtained through public response-receptive operation within jurisdiction of law and and have not made or intend to make Tax deduction claims.

You can join in one of our  "Ambassadors of Happiness" local projects, you can bring your own ideas for spreading happiness and apply for one of our grants and/or you can become our volunteers with our lines of effort by donating your time, energy and skills. You can also help us spread the word by actively participating with our discourse building process through your contributions, comments and sharing of our social media contents. 


We also sought out development partnership with the like-minded response-receptive organisations who aim to fulfill their responsibilities under the principle of an ever-advancing civilization of the Universal House of Justice through joint lines of effort. We tend to support those lines of joint effort that are dynamically coherent, inclusive and can be integrated seamlessly with our lines of effort and learning culture.  


Our development partnerships do not seek to incorporate the lines of coherence operations, such as, human resources development for the Pivot and other agencies, training of the Ambassadors of Happiness, involving with better governance and leadership projects, the regulation and selective processes with regard to the parliament of the world's cultural festival states and world's discourse library or involving with the feedback system for the growth cycles of civilization, cluster or national agencies, etc. Thank you.


Love in action brings happiness to the world. Nobility in action spreads happiness in the world.
Efforts, whatever their specific nature, generally begin on a modest scale. … While some efforts of this kind will naturally come to a close when their objectives have been met, others will continue. Insistence on perpetuating or even expanding every initiative, whether in terms of number of participants, expenditure, geographical coverage or complexity of work, is counterproductive. Yet there may be circumstances in which efforts will, through a continuous process of consultation, action, and reflection, give rise to an endeavour of a more sustained nature. What is important in such cases is that those involved be allowed to increase the range of their activities in an organic fashion, without undue pressure from opinions that are often based solely on theoretical considerations. The Universal House of Justice
Volunteer meeting September 22nd
sachi Foundation volunteer meeting novem
Everyone has a right to happiness. Everyone has a role in spreading happiness. We all become happier when we entangle the human virtues and realize the Sachi's dream.
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