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About Sachi


Sachi  was a very bright, happy, peaceful and spiritually blaze child who believed everyone can do something to make others happy. Sachi dreamed there would be a day when everyone could turn on the lamps of happiness of their hearts in order to make others happy. She truly wished to live by that dream. Sadly, she was diagnosed with leukaemia in year 2007 and passed away on February 6, 2009 at the age of 11.


A series of profound events happened during her death. Firstly, the day of her death was coincided with the second anniversary of her pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Secondly, the time of her passing was also synchronized with the beginning of the Feast of Dominion which her family were supposed to host. Thirdly, her death was coincided with the date on which the East Asian nations look into the discourse about the global integration process in the context of the Principle of an Ever-Advancing Civilization of the Universal House of Justice.







The primary purpose, the basic objective, in laying down power laws and setting up great principles and

institutions dealing with every aspect of civilization, is human happiness.  ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Sachi dreamed a world where everyone no matter where there come from, had the right to happiness. Support our lines of Effort  to make it happen.

The world was created as a festival, for a festival, at a festival. Celebrating together the world festival of one common happiness for all!

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