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Current Public discourse campaign Flyers

Expectant Mothers 
Phase 1 FlyerPhase 2 flyer

The fetuses' growth can be influenced by the emotions of the prayerful state of their mothers. Therefore it is important for the expectant parents to cast together lines of joint effort for reaching the sashiage state of total effort that can continue long after the birth of their babies thus bringing happiness to all family members.

God loves unions who are creating a coherence experience for the material and spiritual aspects of the student learning and development within the global framework for action!

The export of the global fear through the machinery of wars and weapons of destruction are the ways of the coming of age for the nation states. A united world army is a global cultural shift in the world military bases under the framework of ever-advancing civilisation to restrain the nation states abilities to build or export any arsenal of fear as a way of projecting power.


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