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We developed a tree metaphor as the unifying concept for the integration of “global education of cognitive learnings” and “global culture of learning”. Lifelong learning requires a balance of spiritual, cultural and cognitive-based learnings. The Cognitive learning provides multiple simulations of knowledge and reality. The Culture of learning enables the self-similar intuitive and multifractal grasp of reality. The lower curved branch of the tree is the arc of reinforcement learning that aims to integrate the ways and means of learning. It contains all those virtues and discourses that make sure the advancement in one branch of learning reinforce those of the other branch. Arts and Crafts and cognitive skills are related to the composite of the conditions, and influences that bear on response-receptivity. The learning capacity increases with the staircase cycles of conscious development and awareness. It can be reached via the interconnections between the lines of efforts and human self-similar virtues in their entangled states in which all levels of consciousness are always present and possible. The measured constraint is the flows of vital knowledge discourses and resources with respect to cycles of growth of the three-sphere of learning- the material, cultural and spiritual. 
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